What Sets Us Apart?

Our passion….to create the best film possible.  We go out of our way to make sure the bride always looks her best on film.  We scout locations, work on your timeline and do everything we can to make sure the day goes smoother and that your film looks its absolute best.  Brides have peace of mind knowing Hatfield Productions is filming their day.  Learn More About Us > 

Examples of Our Work

You can find samples of our work throughout our site. To view some of our (short films), and take a look at our DVD/Blu-ray menu samples (which we make custom for each wedding), you can visit the our Work page > 

Availability & Pricing

Only a few 2014 dates remain open. About 75% of the 2015 dates, and early 2016 dates are filled. All weddings are different, so we do not offer packages. If you are interested in a cinematic style film of your wedding day, just contact Us for a quote >.

Welcome to Hatfield Productions!

Your Cincinnati & Tampa Wedding Videographer

Welcome to the elite Cincinnati Wedding videographer homepage.  We take pride in our work and we promise we will do everything to make your film look its best.  We aren’t the cheapest in town, so if video isn’t one of your top priorities we probably aren’t a good fit.  We are told by everyone that our work looks different and feels different, as our brand is unique.  We are extremely passionate about what we do, which is why we offer discounts for certain vendors and certain events.  We know what it takes to create a masterpiece wedding film so we don’t mind giving away money to make it happen.  Please check out our Vimeo page, to see all current work and updates.

Meghan + Erik

(destination) Denver
Another one of our destination weddings, Denver Colorado.  Meghan and Erik were a fun couple and a pleasure to be around.  We hadn’t met either of them until the night of the rehearsal.  As usual we had felt we had known them for years.  You can really see the love these two share whenever they are on screen together, they are the perfect couple.

Carly + James

(most popular) florida
Don CeSar hotel + beach wedding = killer.  St. Pete beach is where it’s at, blue skies, great people and great weather.  Carly and James flew us down for a week of pure greatness.  This was one of our next day edits.  A great venue to visit and since then we have booked more weddings around the St. Pete beach area.

Lauren + Sean

(newest) cincinnati
This little gem took place at the Phoenix downtown Cincinnati. Ceremony and reception both took place, which is always a plus. They had some cool doughnuts and chili served later in the day. If you know me, I live off of junk food.. so it was an added benefit of the day!